Here's just a small sampling of the work we do in the Near Lab.

Localized proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy for measurements of neurochemical concentrations in the human brain.

Quantification of human brain MR spectroscopy data in grey matter (left) and white matter (right).

Quantification of mouse (left) and rat (right) brain MR spectroscopy data.

Computer simulation of MR spectroscopy experiments.

Processing of localized GABA MR spectroscopy data, including removal of motion corrupted averages, and frequency and phase drift correction.

Functional MRI acquired during optogenetic stimulation of GABAergic neurons in the medial septum of the mouse brain.  Left: BOLD fMRI activation maps;  Right:  Quantitative measurement of hippocampal T2* changes in response to stimulation.

Dynamic in-vivo 13C MRS of the rat brain during infusion of 13C labelled Glucose.

Signal-to-noise (SNR) comparisons between an implantable rat brain RF coil (iCoil, right column) developed in our lab, and three commercially-available RF coils.

Bruker 7T animal scanner.